311, The Specials,The Pixies e the Stooges em trilha de jogo

A Gamespot anúnciou a trilha sonora do jogo MLB 2007 de baseball!
Terá 311, Nirvana, Wolfmother, The Specials,The Pixies, the Stooges e mais! Confira a lista:

* 311 “Down”
* Bishop Allen “Middle Management”
* Cities in Dust “Emergency”
* Death From Above 1979 “Little Girl”
* Dixie Witch “Set the Speed”
* Editors “Munich”
* Five Horse Johnson “I Can’t Shake It”
* Greatdayforup “Man’s Ruin”
* Les Savy Fav “Hold On To Your Genre”
* Nerf Herder “High Five Anxiety”
* Nirvana “Breed”
* Sublime “Summertime”
* Tapes ’n Tapes “Insistor”
* The Jealous Sound “Naïve”
* The M’s “Plan Of The Man”
* The Pixies “Mr. Grieves”
* The Specials “A Message to you Rudy”
* The Stooges “I Feel Alright”
* The Thermals “A Passing Feeling”
* The Walkmen “The Rat”
* Wolfmother “Woman”

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Obrigado :)

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