Interview: Toby Morse from H2O


First of all, I have a doubt! You aren’t coming back to Brasil just for the açai, right?
Toby Morse: Hey! Yes we are! Just kidding! No man! We have been touring the world forever but Latin America is one of the most passionate crowds in the world! We love it here! For real!!!

Many bands change a lote over the years, and end up losing their personality. But in my opinion H2O keeps evolving with each album without losing its core! How is it for you to compose a new album? How to innovate without losing your identity?
Toby Morse: That’s a easy one! We just keep being ourselves and don’t turn into something we are not! We love what we do and I think one of the main reasons why we kept being the same is our fans. They are the best!!!

Lately you have taken less time to release new albums. Are there already plans for a new one?
Toby Morse: I don’t think so! We are very proud of this new record, love the result and no later how long we take to release new records, it needs to be well planned! Out fans deserve the best from us.


The Brazilian and Latin American audiences, are they different from the rest of the world? Fortunately you always come back here!
Toby Morse: Like I said, we tour the world, but after 20 years on the road, Latin America is the place that we go on tour and makes us fell rewarded and rejuvenated. It’s just awesome!

I would like to know more about your project One Life One Chance, in which you lecture. How have the lectures been? Haven’t they invited you to lecture here in Brazil yet?
Toby Morse: It’s been great! I love doing this! I love helping kids getting out of all the bad vibes that the society pushes on everyone. Makes me feel happy when I get emails back from kids and parents saying I changed their lives. You can’t imagine how awesome is that! Yes! For sure! I got invited but touring is very tiring and unfortunately can’t conciliate but who knows? Maybe I can come other time just me!


In the lectures you talk about veganism? What was the moment you decided to become vegan?
Toby Morse: I became Vegan a long time. With all due respect to everyone that chooses other lifestyle but for me it was the only logical thing to do – Living in compassion with the world.

Do you realize how much your lifestyle and lyrics inspire and change people’s lives? Do fans come to you to talk about it?
Toby Morse: Every night! It’s crazy! Makes us feel very special and rewarded about it. I have no words to describe it! I’m blessed!!!

What bands inspired you at the beginning of the band and what are you currently listening to?
Toby Morse: All the NYHC bands but also the classics like 7 Seconds and Minorthreat!

I hope you make a great tour as always! And it’d be awesome if you could send a mesagge to our readers.
Toby Morse: We are really siked to come to Brazil! We love it there! Kids, stay away from drugs and always keep the PMA!


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