Oli Sykes, vocalista do Bring Me The Horizon, cancela shows por conta de laringite aguda


Em um post no Instagram, o vocalista Oli Sykes, do Bring Me The Horizon, comunicou os fãs sobre o cancelamento de shows na Austrália e Nova Zelândia pois foi diagnosticado com laringite aguda. Segundo o músico ele “mal consegue falar, muito menos cantar”.

Estes não são os primeiros shows cancelados por problemas na voz de Oli. Em julho a banda cancelou a apresentação em um festival na Finlândia por sua falta de voz.

Confira o post do cantor:

Adelaide, all I can say is I'm sorry. We won't be able to perform the show tonight. The concert for me in Sydney 2 nights ago was a real struggle for me to sing, we got through it & I was really hoping a day off yesterday and 24 hours of vocal rest would be sufficient… Unfortunately I've woken up today & my symptoms have worsened, my throat & face has swollen up, along with ulcers, rashes & other not so great problems. So it appears I have some kind of viral infection. I'm so sorry to let you all down, but believe me when I say no one is more gutted than me. Right now the shows are one of the main things helping me get through a personally difficult period of my life, & being told that I'm not in any condition to perform, & having to go back and sit alone in a hotel room until this infection subsides, well, is the last thing I wanna be doing. I guess I just wanted to let you all know that these decisions are never taken lightly, the complete opposite tbh, we live for the shows, they are usually the only highlight of our days, & for anyone that was supposed to see us tonight, I'm feeling your pain just as much as you are feeling mine. Hopefully we can make it back up to you in the not too distant future. Oli x

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