Statues on Fire lança música inédita: “Why Hatred?”

statues on fire

Statues on Fire lançou em streaming uma música inédita, chamada “Why Hatred?”. A faixa ficou de fora do álbum No Tomorrow lançado em julho de 2016.

A letra fala sobre ódio e homofobia nos dias de hoje. Confira a música e letra:


missing for some days
i’m running out of time
guilty of a crime
and just pass to see his soon

like nothing was up, peace of mind
stopped for lunch,
his shirt still have some spots of your blood on

your mom could not hold the phone on her hands
they found you, lying down
she could not speak for tears

your friends are looking for you
remembering last time you were here
you left that day with a smile in your face
last goodbye to your mom and friends

what kind of behavior you follow or lead?
what kind of color you should say or like?
till when you must be afraid to be free?
Then I don’t get it

on the news there´s only a picture of your shoes
some blood stains on the grass at your side
when are you going to stop this hatred?

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Obrigado :)

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